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Thriving Journal (Day 2)

Wow!  What a wonderful morning.  So this morning I realized that I was so present and grateful.  Connecting with my angels was amazing!!  I am looking forward to becoming better and better at connecting with presence as soon as I awake.  Even though I am tired, this morning I feel excited and at peace.  Thriving is happening now!

Self-care appears in my mind when writing about thriving today. I create much self-care and love for myself.  I am running with my dog at least once a week.  It is easeful for me to run on Wed and / or Thurs AM as I don’t start work until 1.  I am foreseeing myself running at City Creek Canyon, and I am open to running in other places as well.  I am fully connected with Seiki, my dog, as I am running.  We are both in complete joy and bliss.  I feel the happiness flowing through me and my dog.  I am fully connected with the universe and the earth below me!  This is wonderful.  Seiki runs and runs.  His check ins (running to me voluntarily) are amazing.  I always know that he is close by and paying attention to where I am at.  His recall (“come command”) is mostly 100% during our runs.  Other times it is close to 90%.

As I am loving myself, I am choosing to take time to focus on cleaning my living space.  Where I live is sparkling clean.  The floor is swept at least once a week.  The bathroom is cleaned at least once a week as well.  Laundry is done weekly.  Dishes are done daily.  I rarely have dishes in my sink.  Most of the time I do my dishes as they appear dirty after I use them.  Papers are put away immediately when I receive them.  It feels good to have papers constantly in their files and in organized places 🙂  My CD’s and books are very nicely organized on my shelves and this feels wonderful as well.  Everything is put away and my apartment is completely neat and clean.  As I create more money, I hire a house cleaner.

All of the appliances work excellent in my apartment and when anything goes astray my landlord fixes it immediately!  I love her promptness.  It feels good to live in a living space filled with love and light.  The place feels very loving and vibrant to me!

I also love the Feng Shui.  I have allowed my place to be fully in Feng Shui so that energy flows through my place easefully and manifestation is so wonderfully easy here.

I love where I live and I love how I love myself enough to create a wonderful living space.

When you are thriving what does your living space (apartment, house, office) look like to you?

Happy Thriving!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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