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The Thriving Journal (Day 1)

So I am constantly into self growth.  It is something I am always thriving for and juicing.  Currently I just finished my last session with Megan Sillito from Lifeworks Strategies.  To keep moving forward I am now studying and taking classes on how to become an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  NLP establishes new neuro pathways so that you can quickly change a present state to a desired state.  I am taking this course with Christiane Turner and her business is called Quantum NLP.

Megan gave me a toss to write at lease 3 times a week what thriving looks like for me.  My NLP coach gave me a toss to journal on my BLOG about my personal experiences.  I thought why not?  Those who read this will benefit greatly from it.  In this journal I will not be constantly writing about dog training,  I will be writing what thriving looks like in my life.  This is related to dog training because the more we are into thriving instead of surviving the more present we are with our dogs.  Thriving is definitely a huge part of self-care and love.

Megan noticed that my past patterns in my life were to just survive.  How much can I live without just getting by.  We all do this to a certain point.  I have done this to an extreme and I am ready for a change.  So as a visualize what thriving looks for me this is what I see:

I get up early in my the morning at 6 / 6:30 at least three times a week.  The rest of the week I allow myself to sleep in a bit longer and allow myself to decide the time that resonates best for me to get up the night before I go to sleep.  When I awake, I allow my body to fully integrate gratitude and love.  I feel the love from the heavens, the angels and the divine.  I walk in peace and notice what emotions I am feeling at the time.  I feel and love them.  I sit down and close my eyes for a few minutes and ask my angels any questions that are on my mind about my life.  I fully integrate all what they say to me.  From there I journal.  In my journal, I write what I am grateful for and what thriving looks like to me.  I allow my whole body to take in this wonderful new picture of how I can create a powerful and loving life for myself 🙂

May you take this to some level in your life.  Think of what thriving looks like in your life.  Journal about it and don’t stop there.  Keep reading this blog as you see myself add more and more visions to my power of thriving.  Then you do the same.  Writing is a powerful way to visually manifest the reality that you want in your life.  Especially when you write in the present tense.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Training and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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