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Dog Fights and Trauma

Most of us follow-up on the dog training perspective when our dogs have a traumatic experience but do we follow-up on ourselves?  Any stories or trauma you carry after the traumatic experience with your dog feeds into the situation.

First let’s define a few traumatic experience that could happen between you and your dog:

You loose your dog for a short or long-term period.

Your dog gets attacked or is involved in a fight

Your dog has an extreme fear reaction to a stimulus

Your dog bites a person

Any other emotional traumatic experience involving your dog

This week my dog was attacked by another dog.  I chose to allow the emotions to flow through myself and my dog.  I wanted to share with you some techniques that are extremely for situations like this!  All of these techniques will help you regain power, confidence and sense of being grounded.  Your dog will feel this energy and this alone will help your dog shift!

1.) EFT

This is a powerful technique that moves out negative emotions and stories.

2.) Meditation

You can meditate with your dog if you wish.  While meditating visualize transformation and see a column of white light removing out negative emotions and stories.  Allow the light then to fill your body with trust and a sense of being grounded.

3.) Homeopathy is also very powerful.  There are places to buy Bach Flowers.  I recommend Christina Blumes with Blumes Farm

4.) Deep belly breathing.

5.) Setting an intention.  It can be an intention as simple as moving out stories and emotions.  It could be an intention to allow more trust and confidence into your body.  Any intention that will allow transformation within you will greatly affect your dog.

Remember shifting yourself is the first step to quantum dog training!

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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