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Training our dogs and living our lives without any support can be difficult.  It can create us to live life as a victim so that we feel helpless and have no way to create what we want.  I believe one of the first steps with training dogs is to ask for support!

When we are lost we can ask others how they trained their dogs.  We can talk to friends, other clients of Four Legged Scholars, other trainers, family, read books, take classes etc. This can sometimes be a place to vent and let our emotions to flow through us. Other times it can be a time to ask for advise and find out what others have done.  Sometimes it may be asking for something that we want and it could be as simple as “Can you walk my dog for me today?  I am working later than I planned.”

Remember you cannot do anything alone.  Being alone all of the time never gets us anywhere.  Receiving support is a strength and not a weakness.  When we have support we have more energy to create what we want with our dogs 🙂  When are energy is free we can move toward what we want.  When it is constricted our flow stops.

For those of you that are clients (past or current) of mine I have created a support page on facebook just for you 🙂  Click here to go to  Facebook Page and search for “Clients of Four Legged Scholars Support Page”.

This is a page to talk to other clients of Four Legged Scholars.  Use this page to:


Ask for what you want

Ask for unknown support

Voice your feelings

Use as an accountability system for doing your homework

Set up safe and friendly play dates

Practice homework together with other clients

Of course anything else you can think of!

I will be on the page periodically.  This is a page to talk to other clients and is not to ask urgent questions to Four Legged Scholars as I will not be on this page daily.  This page will only be as useful if you use it!  I hope many of my clients join in on the fun 🙂

For those of you that are not clients of mine.  Remember you still can receive support in other ways 🙂  Don’t leave yourself alone in the dark 🙂

Much Love to All of You!
Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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