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The Art of Imperfection

Anything that is learned can change.  The only thing that we can guarantee in life is change.  Your dog will never do anything perfect all of the time and neither will you.  However, you can view the imperfections as perfect if you choose to learn and see the gifts in it!

This week was huge learning for me.  At flyball Seiki ran off and didn’t come back when I called him for quite a few minutes. He repeated this pattern at flyball quite a few times.  This was a past pattern of his.  We moved through it and then here it is again.  It came back:)  We also went hiking at Neff’s Canyon yesterday and he was off leash.  He had about 2-3 times where his recall was extremely slow and he was distracted.

I am sure you have run into similar situations with your dog or in your life in general.  We have choices.  I can choose to be angry and project (yell at my dog or even just say “what is wrong with you?”) or I can accept and allow what happen to be what is.  I choose to embrace the times that my dog runs off and doesn’t come to me.  Why? Because it feels so much better in my body then resentment and there are no guarantees.  Also there are gifts in it for me.  I learn what emotions arise in me when my dog runs off.  I learn what emotions I was feeling before my dog ran off.  I can then learn how to shift these emotions.  I can also learn how I created my dog to run off.  I can relate to my clients and help you understand the reality of what is.  I definitely see the sweetness more when the unpredictability occurs.  When my dog comes it feels soo good and it is difficult for me to embrace this and love it as much if I don’t have anything else to compare it to.

I believe some of you have heard me say this before and I hope you grasp it a new level this time.  I know I have.  Fully embrace no matter what your dog does.  There is learning in all 🙂

Happy Training!
Johanna Teresi professional trainer and owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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