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Not Enough Time to Train!

Time is a common block that I run into frequently with my clients. Generally, the story is that they do not have enough time to train their dog.  However, the reality is that we all have enough time to do the things that are a priority to us.  The other side of reality is that most training sessions only need to last 2-5 minutes long.  What is the true block here?  With the above being stated the block isn’t really time 🙂

Some of you may be familiar with the word “Persona.”  This is a mask that covers up our emotions and is generally a mask from reality.  You can have a persona when you are in overwhelm, a persona when you believe people are against you, a persona when you believe you are all alone, etc.

My favorite persona is named “Mini Mouse.”  This persona is when I feel like I am not heard.  When I am in the “Mini Mouse” persona no one hears me.  My behavior, actions, tonality, etc. all create myself to not be heard.  When I choose to shift out of that persona and recommit to being heard then I am heard.

What is the truth under not having enough time?  It could be a person where you feel that your dog is against you, a persona of overwhelm, a persona that this is hard work, etc.

This week wonder about what persona is showing up for you if you are not creating dog training time.  Name your persona to add some humor to this side of you.  Notice if you want to breath and shift out of this persona.  Then recommit!

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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