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Create Training “Come” to be Easy

To create dog training success with “come”  it is best to start easy and add distractions later.  It is best if you start training “come” without distractions in your home.  Then progress to adding distractions with come.  Adding distractions can be as simple as having your dog “come” away from treats that are enclosed in your hand or a toy.

Once your dog can “come” well at home with distractions then you can progress forward in real life environments with dog training. Salt Lake City has many fenced areas to practice “come”.  When your dog has successfully comes in fenced locations, you can progress to new areas for dog training. Salt Lake City also has numerous open areas that are not fenced in that have low distractions.

After your dog will reliably “come” in areas outside of your home with low distractions, it is time to work on obedience success with more distractions.  We want you to create success with dog training.  Salt Lake City has Tanner Park and City Creek Canyon which both have moderate distractions and can be a bit easier to watch your dog.

It is best to refrain from training “come” in the mountains until you have much success with low distraction obedience first.  Salt Lake City has Millcreek Canyon which is off leash on odd number days and Neff’s Canyon which is off leash everyday.

We suggest consulting with Salt Lake City dog trainers if you need further support.  Loosing your dog in the mountains is not only stressful but can be extremely dangerous.  You can also check our Salt Lake City dog training course on come with distractions.

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How well does your dog “come”?  How can change your dog training to create a more successful “come” command?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer with Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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