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Commitment and Consistency Creates Salt Lake City Dog Training Success

One important action that determines dog training success is commitment. Another action is consistency.  We want you to create success with dog training. Salt Lake City has many training options and if you don’t have commitment and consistency you can spend much money and create no results.

Commitment means that you are training your dog multiple times a week.  For the best training results, we recommend that you perform obedience training set ups 2-5 times a day.  Each training session only needs to last 2-5 minutes in length.  You are also training your dog as needed throughout the entire day.  For example, if you want to train your dog to stay on his place when someone comes to the door, it is a good idea to train your dog to go his place when no one is at the door.  When someone does come to the door it is important that you also train your dog in this real life scenario.

Commitment also means that when you get off track you quickly get back on track.  It also means that if your dog has a bad day and doesn’t respond the way that he normally does you still show up with training commitment.  You continue to train him the next day to create success again.  Being a victim and staying a victim of your dog’s behavior strays away from commitment and strays away from successful obedience training.

Consistency means that you are clear on the consequences that you give your dog when he performs certain actions.  If you want your dog to jump less, you need to ignore your dog everytime your dog jumps on you. Being consistent gives a clear message to your dog and this creates awesome obedience.

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How committed and consistent are you when you are training your dog?  What actions can you perform differently to create better obedience results?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City


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