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Increasing the Settle Behavior When Your Dog is Excited (Lessoning Jumping Behavior)

One of the most common concerns I notice as a professional Salt Lake City dog trainer is jumping.  Jumping can be extremely frustrating and dangerous.  Children can get knocked over.  Elderly can have trouble keeping their balance.  Of course if your arms are full of grocery bags a jumping dog can create chaos.  Here are some tips on how you can create more obedience when your dog is excited.

1.) When your dog is jumping on you, turn your back.  Totally ignore your dog by not saying anything and not giving your dog eye contact.  Talking to your dog and looking at him can reward the jumping behavior.  This is because your dog wants attention.  As soon as your dog sits, click and treat.

2.) When guests come to your home, train your dog to go to his place or to his crate.  Many dogs will settle down faster if they go to their place as soon as the guest arrives.

3.) Keep your dog on leash around children or when guests arrive.  Click and treat when your dog naturally relaxes into a sit or down. This is called behavior catching and works great.  No need to say anything.

4.) You can also have your dog on leash when guests arrive and have the guest approach your dog.  If your dog sits he will receive a click and treat.  If your dog jumps this person will walk away.  Your dog will learn that obedience is needed for the person to stay near him and give him attention.

5.) Using reward-based training options will ensure trust between you and dog.  As a result, your dog will feel more emotionally balanced and obedience will be easier.  We recommend staying away from kneeing your dog, pushing your dog down, or any other intimidation methods.

6.) To ensure success It is important that you are consistent and practice frequently with your dog training.  Salt Lake City has many dog friendly people who are happy to support you with your dog training.  These people can come over and pretend to be your guest to allow for more frequent practice time.

Read more here about lessoning jumping and creating obedience with your dog.

Jumping is not a complex issue to solve.  However, knowing which technique to use and applying the concepts can be challenge.  Working with a professional dog trainer can be supportive.  Consider looking a multiple dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many reward-based dog training options.

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Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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