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From Failure to Successful Dog Training!

Yes, in order to create the dog training success that you strongly desire failure will occur many times. The more intense the behavior issue the more intense the failures.  Our Salt Lake City Dog Training company acknowledges that failure is generally perceived as not fun and brings up much frustration.  We would like to welcome a new perspective in your life to create a more peaceful dog training experience.  What would it be like if you chose to welcome failure?  Thomas Edison failed thousands of times when he invented a light bulb.  Hopefully, in your case you will be receiving more support than Thomas Edison because you will not be inventing a whole new dog training technique but instead will be failing as you are implementing a dog training technique that has already scientifically been proven to create awesome dog training results. What we are suggesting is that with every failure there is a learning experience.  If you embrace this learning you will then catalyst forward to create faster and more amazing results in your dog training.  Salt Lake City is loaded with clients that we have worked with that have experienced this concept.  Our most successful clients are the ones that realize that obstacles will occur on the way. These clients don’t stop when these obstacles come into their pathway instead they embrace them and keep moving forward to their training goals.

Most of you have heard of this concept but actually don’t practice it on a daily basis with your dog training.  It is one thing to know something. Applying and experiencing a concept is different from just knowing about it.  We would like to invite you to actually experience failure as a catalyst to success.

1.) When you are training your dog this week look at every failure as an opportunity to do something different.  If your dog will not listen when you perform a certain action or when you ask for a certain command, ask yourself how can you change your actions to change your dogs reactions?

2.) If an opportunity fails.  Remember there is more than one pathway to success.  Wonder about how you can create success.  A great question is “I wonder how I can….?”  Steer yourself away from “I can’t” or any other statement that leaves your mind dead to solutions.

3.) Get support.  Other people have other perceptions.  What have others done?  What can they suggest to you?

4.) Remember nothing works perfectly every time.  Life will always bring the unknown into the picture and somethings this unknown can create a lack of accountability on your end.  Move away from blaming others from anything that isn’t working in your training experience and ask yourself how can you be more responsible.  How can you create ultimate accountability?

5.) Shift your emotions.  Your emotions are normal.  Do not allow them to stop you from reaching obedience with your dog.  Feel your emotions and be aware of them.  Do not allow your emotions to create reactions that take you away from your goals.

6.) Write intention and commitment statements.  Affirmations also work great.  Put these statements where you can easily read them. If your mind-set is continually focused on your goals, you will create faster results.  Obedience is on its way!

We fully embrace success in your dog training. Salt Lake City has a large conscious community.  Learning about conscious awareness and applying these techniques to your dog training especially when dealing with aggression and fear will create faster results.  There are many other blog posts on Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City that can support you with a positive mindset.  Please review them if needed to create the obedience that you desire.

We want to hear from you in a comment below!

What perceived failures are you running into when training your dog?  How can we support you in moving through these failures to dog training success?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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