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Are You Feeling Stressed Because You Have to Drag Your Dog to the Vet? – Dog Training – Utah

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Are you feeling stressed, embarrassed or frustrated because you have to drag your dog to new places? Does your dog become a rug and not move when you take him to the vet or to a new place?

Let’s stop this behavior and help you feel more peace and happiness. Imagine your dog walking easily with you when you take him to a new place.

We assure you that we can help. We have done much dog training. Salt Lake City has many dogs that have felt just like your dog. We want you to realize you are not alone.

If your dog isn’t easily following you when you are taking him to a new place, he is probably feeling fear. A fearful dog wants to know he is safe so follow the guidelines below to help your dog feel more comfortable and safe in new places.

1.) Train your dog “target.” This command will help your dog move in small increments. Your dog will acclimate to new places slowly.

Target” will help your dog digest the new situation slowly.

2.) Go at a slow pace for your dog. Don’t drag your dog or force him to do something that is scary for him. Take baby steps and acclimate him to the scary space one step at a time.

3.) Make the new environment fun for your dog. Give your dog plenty of treats for any small successes. Don’t expect big shifts at first.

You will need to be very patient in your dog training. Salt Lake City has many places where you can take your dog where you can practice.

4.) Go to low stimulating environments at first. Don’t take your dog the most stimulating environment as possible. Start with easy and less distracting places.

Then move your way to harder places. This will increase obedience and confidence in your dog.

5.) Use holistic remedies if needed such as Lavender essential oil on a bandana, DAP, or calming treats. These items will help calm your dog for successful dog training.

6.) Remember to be calm yourself. As you feel emotions breathe through your belly and think positive thoughts. Your dog will play off your energy.

He wants to feel safe in dog training. Salt Lake City has plenty of yoga classes you can take if you need to learn how to breath through your belly during intense moments of stress.

We want to hear from you in a comment below.

What environments is your dog experiencing fear? How can we help you?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah


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