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Are You Feeling Stressed Because Your Dog Grabs Toys and Food From Your Hand? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Ginger, Salt Lake City, dog training client

Are you frustrated with your dog’s grabby and bossy behavior with food and toys? Does your dog have no manners and just grab items from your hands? Let’s stop this behavior now and get your dog to behave and onto obedience.

We understand the importance of dog manners. This can be done through dog training. Salt Lake City has many of our happy clients that have stopped this behavior. You can do the same with your dog!

Here is an easy training method that will stop your dog from jumping up and grabbing food, treats or toys from your hand. Ask your dog to sit. Hold the treat / toy high above your dog.

Gradually lower the food / toy toward your dog’s muzzle. If your dog breaks the sit move the treat / toy in an upward direction away from your dog’s muzzle.

If he continues to hold the sit keep moving the treat / toy toward your dog. If the treat / toy makes it to your dog’s muzzle while your dog is still in a sit, give your dog the treat / toy.

Repetition is key for successful dog training. Salt Lake City has many other dog owners that can help remind you to be consistent and keep up with your dog training.

If you need further help please remember that there are many reward-based dog trainers. Salt Lake City has much to choose to from. No need to struggle on this alone.

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Has the above method worked for you? Why or why not?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah

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