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Help My Dog is Hyper and Needs All of My Attention! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

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Are you struggling with a hyper dog that needs endless amounts of attention? Do you feel as if you can never wear your dog out? We want to help your dog settle down and get some exercise without you having to do much.

There are many ways that you can exercise your dog without having to do dog training. Salt Lake City has many places where you can take your dog, but we are going to tell you how you can exercise your dog in your home.

1.) Hide your dog’s kibble in the house.

2.) Put your dog’s kibble in a toy such as a Buster Cube.

3.) Change your dog’s toys on a regular basis so that he doesn’t get bored with the same toys over and over again.

4.) Freeze some broth or peanut butter in a Kong.

5.) Play fetch with your dog, and use stairs if you have them. This will tire your dog more.

6.) Play tug with your dog. We recommend that you have your dog do some obedience commands during the tug game to avoid a huge increase in arousal.

7.) Have your dog wear a back pack while playing fetch with your dog. Make sure you talk to your dog’s vet about the amount of weight that your dog can carry in the pack.

8.) Hide your dog’s toys and have him find them.

9.) Call your dog between two or more people. You can use the “come” command or the “target” command.

If you still need support you can look into a great doggie daycare or a dog hiker. There are plenty of dog hikers that are great with reward-based dog training. Salt Lake City has many that will exercise your dog well by taking him in the mountains.

We want to hear from you in a comment below.

What exercise ideas do you like best?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah

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