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Are You Struggling with Getting Your Dog to Listen? Here Are Some Salt Lake City Dog Training Secrets.

Johanna Teresi- Training Seiki a trick - Dog Training - Salt Lake City

There is hope! You can get your dog to listen. Any dog can learn and all dogs learn the same way. The psychology of animal learning is the same across the entire animal kingdom.

So if you are not having success with dog training. Salt Lake City dog owners may be judging you, and you may feel embarrassed. Let’s end this and create more peace of mind.

1.) Be consistent. When you choose a training technique stick with it. Also be consistent with the behaviors that you allow and don’t allow.

If jumping is not allowed then it is not allowed at anytime. This will help with obedience.

2.) Be motivating. Your dog will want to listen to you if you give him things that he loves in return for good behavior. Treats usually works best. Obedience should be fun.

3.) Practice. Your dog will need to practice a new behavior numerous times before it is learned.

4.) Be patient. Obedience takes time to learn.

5.) Have good timing with your rewards. Your dog will associate the reward with the behavior he is doing at the time so make sure you are rewarding the correct behavior.

6.) Keep training sessions short. When your dog is learning obedience, he will usually learn best if the training sessions are short. 2-5 minute sessions are great! Do 1-5 sessions a day.

We want you to be successful. If you need further support we can help you with your dog training. Salt Lake City has many of our clients.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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