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Are You Sick of Your Ears Ringing Because Your Dog Demands Your Attention Through Barking? – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Group Obedience Class, Salt Lake City, Dog Training

Are you struggling with a dog that barks when he wants something from you? Is your dog bossy and dominating? We imagine that you would love to have a more quiet dog. Then you will feel more peace in your home.

It is possible, and we want to assure you that you can have a peaceful home. It begins with dog training. Salt Lake City has many dog owners that are experiencing a dog that barks often for attention too. You are not alone.

Below are some dog training pointers to create quiet and calm dog.

1.) Do not give your dog whatever he wants just because he wants it. You get to call the shots. If you don’t like the behavior that your dog is performing don’t reward it. For example, if your dog is barking and wants a ball thrown. Don’t throw the ball while he is barking.

2.) Eye contact and talking to your dog, including saying “no,” can be rewarding to your dog. Instead turn your back, stay quiet and don’t look at your dog while he is barking and wants the ball thrown.

3.) Once your dog is demonstrating obedience then you can give your dog what he wants. Your dog has been barking and wants you to throw a ball. Finally your dog has stopped barking, now it is the time to throw the ball.

4.) Be consistent. Make sure you are not rewarding your dog sometimes for barking and ignoring your dog other times for barking. Keep the rules consistent. Your dog needs to know what to expect in order to perform obedience.

5.) The barking may get worse at first. If your dog has been rewarded for barking in the past, he may bark louder and be more determined. Stick with the rules. It will get better soon. You can do this! Remember obedience can take time to create.

We want you to have a more quiet and calm household. Start now with dog training. Salt Lake City will thank you for it. Your guests will be pleased to know that they can hold a conversation with you because your dog is quiet.


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Training, Salt Lake City, Utah


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