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Help! My Dog is Skittish and Fearful of Men – Dog Trainers – Salt Lake City

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Are you stressed because your dog is stressed around men? Does your dog appear skittish and fearful when men come to your home? Unfortunately, this is a common issue. Fortunately, we can help you.

First, many dogs are more fearful around men because they move more assertive than woman. They tend to move in ways that are less fluid than woman. Their voice is deeper and sometimes they are stockier.

Woman tend to move a bit more slowly and fluidly. Of course, there are always exceptions. However, these differences can make some dogs feel a bit more uncomfortable around men.

When applying the techniques below, we highly recommend that you consult with professional dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many options. It is important to use a reward-based trainer when you are working with any dog, but especially true when you are working with a fearful dog.

First, we want to make the experience a positive one for your dog. It is best to have your dog behind a closed-door when the visitor (man) arrives so that your dog is out of sight.

Have the visitor sit in a chair. Then let your dog out on leash with you holding the end of the leash. Keep your distance from the visitor for safety reasons.

The visitor should not be able to reach the dog and vice versa. It is best for the visitor to ignore the dog. Have him stare at the floor or an object that is not the dog. His head should be averted away from the dog as well as his entire body posture. These are called calming signals.

Now, it is important to pair the visitor with “good” things. These good things can be treats. I generally use treats with this exercise. Recently, I worked with Teddy, a border collie.

The owner had him on leash and the visitor tossed treats in an underhand fashion past Teddy. That way Teddy had to move away from the visitor to eat the treat because they landed behind him.

He got a treats and got to increase his distance from the visitor. Both of these were good rewards for him. Michelle chose Four Legged Scholars LLC (Dog Trainers – Salt Lake City) to work with him.

He got comfortable with visitors quickly. She also worked often with him and had 3-5 visitors over each week. Overtime, he got more obedient and calm.

Julie with Beau, a red heeler, found doing tricks around men to be confident building. Beau is in the picture above learning to perform tricks.

Because Julie was so consistent and persistent with her dog training, Salt Lake City got to see Beau be calm around many men and situations that use to freak Beau out.

The above technique is called counter conditioning and systematic desensitization.

You can do this too. Remember there are many dog trainers. Salt Lake City has many options and it is important that you use one that does not punishment your dog by using spray bottles, noises, yelling, popping, choke collars, shock collars etc.

It is also important that the process is gradual so that you can make progress correctly but slowly. Four Legged Scholars LLC (Dog Trainers – Salt Lake City) can help you too with your dog.

Johanna Teresi, Professional Salt Lake City Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Trainers – Salt Lake City

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