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Success Story – From Fear to Calm – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Border Collie - Salt Lake City - Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Do you struggle with a dog that has fear issues? You are not alone and we can help!

Megan came to us with a border collie that was fearful of numerous situations. Belle, her border collie, felt fear in her apartment when dogs barked, doors shut, fireworks went off and during many other sudden noises.

When new people entered her apartment Belle also barked at them and didn’t feel comfortable at all.

To make things even more stressful for Megan, Belle also experience stressed in the outdoor environment. Whenever, Megan took her outside around her apartment complex, Belle would generally see a person, dog or a hear a noise.

All of these would cause her to intensely pull on the leash as she craved to go back into her apartment.  Megan lived in Salt Lake City, dog training that involved rewards is what she wanted.

Megan was lost and was experiencing so much stress because she hated seeing Belle so uncomfortable. Fortunately, she came to us and we did 11 private sessions online through Skype.

Skype training has been successful for many Salt Lake City Dog Training clients of ours. It was the same for Megan.

When Belle barked in the apartment at noises, Megan could confidently redirect Belle to be more calm by asking her to perform a command such as sit, watch or target.

Even better, Megan was able to take Belle outside and Belle began enjoying herself. Instead of craving to run back home Belle started to feel happy outside and would even reliably to respond to obedience commands.

Megan learned how to help Belle feel more confident around dogs and people too. It was awesome seeing Belle look at a dog or person in a calm manner.

Belle learned that if she felt uncomfortable that she didn’t have to go straight to the bark and could instead turn to Megan for support.

Johanna is such a fantastic trainer! She really knows dog behavior, and helped me to understand the best ways to help my fearful border collie/dachshund mix. You can tell that she truly cares about dogs, and wants to help people figure out how to better communicate with them. I really appreciated how patient Johanna was with both me and my dog. Great experience overall!”– Megan with Belle, a border collie. – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

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