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One of the Biggest Secrets in Choosing a Good Dog Trainer? – Dog Trainers – Salt Lake City

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Are you struggling with getting your dog to listen to you? We understand, and we know that we can help you. However, it is your choice to choose and there are many dog trainers. Salt Lake City has so many options. Your decision on choosing a Salt Lake City dog trainer can be overwhelming.

We are going to let you in on a huge secret to your success with dog training. Salt Lake City has trainers that are inexpensive and expensive.

There are also trainers that sell programs and ask for the money investment up front. Some allow you to pay as you go, and you can just commit to one session at a time.

Last night, I received an important question from a new Salt Lake City dog training client. He wanted to know why I ask my clients to pay up front for my services and why I sell programs.

His vet had recommended that he work with a trainer that allowed him to do one session at a time and to just pay for each session as it is completed.

I am going to tell you up front that you can get results with a per session pay rate. However, if you know minimal about dog training and have a pretty large issue to resolve you will probably waste much money and get bad results by paying for each session one at a time.

Why? He wanted to know. I told him that in my experience most people don’t complete the entire training process when they pay for each session one at a time.

They usually stop training with me before they even come close to reaching their desired results.

Why is this? By paying up front for a program it commits the owner to complete the entire process with their dog. As a result, they end the training process with money well-spent and dog that is well-trained.

Yes paying money up front holds you to a higher level of committing to completing the entire training process.

It takes a lot of energy to choose to work with a trainer. It also takes much of energy to decide whether you want to do more training sessions or to stop training with this trainer. You actually have to convince yourself each time you do a session that need to spend more money and that you need to do another session.

The trainer also has to constantly re-enroll you to keep training with them. This takes much energy and time on the trainers end. As a result, they have less energy and time to spend actually training with you.

Many people choose to pay per session because they are afraid of not receiving the value they so strongly desire and are afraid of spending money.

So these fears have to be moved through each time a session is completed in order to do more sessions with the trainer.

It is much easier to have to make the decision one time and then just complete the decision. You immediately decide on the number of sessions you want to do and move through your money fears one time.

Also I have a hard time knowing how many sessions this Salt Lake City dog training client is going to do with me if they aren’t committing to a certain number of sessions at once.

As a result, drawing a training roadmap or plan is pretty difficult. When I know the number of the sessions that will be done, it is easy for me to target a specific goal with my Salt Lake City dog training clients.

From my personal experience, I have never gotten results from doing one session with anyone when I have a large goal to reach whether it be with a personal counselor, medical doctor, etc.

I owe it to myself to buy a program and know that I need to invest in coming back and doing multiple sessions to create peace in a reaching a large goal.

So when you are looking at dog trainers, Salt Lake City people may tell you to look for those that are cheaper or those that charge a per session rate. You know now to ignore that.

Buy a program and invest a large amount of money so that you can treat yourself to peace of mind with your dog. You won’t regret it!

Johanna Teresi and Becca Shreiar, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC, Dog Trainers, Salt Lake City

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