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Are You Struggling with On-Leash Walks? – SLC Positive Dog Training

Leash walking border collie - SLC Positive Dog Training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Positive Dog Training Are you stressed on your leash walks? Do you feel like your dog isn’t listening to you when you walk him? This is a common pain that many people feel. As a result, we want to help you. Four Legged Scholars LLC (SLC positive dog training) takes pride in helping you feel peace on your leash walks. Here are some tips to help create more peaceful leash walks. 1.) Train all basic commands at home or in low distracting areas. Your dog will be too distracted to learn new commands during leash walks. 2.) Begin to add simple distractions at home and teach your dog to listen to these known commands with distractions in your home environment. If you dog has […]

13 Tips for an Awesome “Come” – SLC Dog Training

How to train come - SLC- dog training

Four Legged Scholars LLC – SLC Dog Training Are you struggling with getting your dog to come to you? Does your dog run off and appear stubborn? We understand the stress and pain. Let us help you. We wanted to help you create an awesome “come” command when you are performing SLC dog training. Here are 10 tips to follow to get your dog to come reliably. 1.) Be smart. Keep your goals small at first. Too high of goals and too of high of expectations right away will create endless frustration and lack of learning for your dog. 2.) Do management. Don’t let your dog off leash in areas where you know he won’t come. We need to start small and work our way up. 3.) If you you […]

Are You Stressed Because Your Dog is So Hyper? – Group Dog Training – Salt Lake City

How to get your dog to relax - Group Dog Training - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Group Dog Training – Salt Lake City Are you feeling stressed because your dog is hyper and doesn’t appear to relax? We know this is stressful. Let us help you. Awhile back, I had a class full of barking dogs. I had everyone sit in their chairs and hold their dogs loosely on leash. They were instructed to just let their dogs bark and do what they wanted to do. Instead, their instructions were to focus on relaxing themselves. Everyone closed their eyes. I had them focus on their breathing and walked them through a calming meditation process. Eventually, the dogs calmed down. They stopped barking and began to relax. This meditation process is much harder to do in group dog training. Salt Lake City […]

Tips For Training and Hiking This Winter – Dog Training SLC

GoldenRetriever - Dog Training - SLC

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Dog Training SLC Are you struggling with your dog training and hiking with our dog this winter? We understand the cold and the obstacles you can run into. Let’s help make it easier for you this winter with your dog. 1.) If you are training your dog outdoors you can still use the clicker. Wear thin gloves. To keep your hands warm use hand warmers. Now you can keep up with your dog training. SLC owners will be impressed. 2.) Ice can be slippery. We know how crazy the hill at Tanner Park can be! Yack Tracks can save you from falling. They will dig into the ice and keep you safer. 3.) If your dog pulls on the leash use a gentle leader or […]

Are You Loosing Control of Your Dog’s Behavior? – Dog Obedience Trainers SLC

Alyssas Giles - Obedience Dog Trainers SLC

Four Legged Scholars – Dog Obedience Trainers SLC Do you feel you lost control of your dog’s behavior? This is a very common complaint. One that most obedience trainers (SLC) don’t address directly. We do however, we want you to feel happy fully with your dog. What you say to yourself and what emotions you feel when you train your dog affect the results you get. Yes I mean to say that applying the tools that you know about dog training isn’t enough. Your thoughts and emotions shape your actions. They affect how well you train your dog. How well you click on time or even if you choose to use the clicker or not. They affect how often you train your dog (once a week or every day). They […]

Does Your Dog Ignore You? – Positive Dog Trainers SLC

Alyssa Giles - Positive Dog Trainers SLC

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Positive Dog Trainers SLC Are you sick of your dog ignoring you? We understand the stress. Let’s get your dog to listen to you now. Research has shown that reward- based dog training is more effective than using aversive methods such as prong collars, spray bottles, yelling, hitting, leash popping, choke collars, and shock collars. Dogs actually trust their owners and want to respond because they are having fun. When aversive methods are used your dog chooses to respond out of fear or anger. He generally wants to avoid to feel the pain so he responds fast to avoid it. As a result, your dog is generally stressed. If he is stressed, he can act an aggressive or fearful manner at any moment. So reward-based […]

Does Your Dog’s Hyper Behavior Drive You Crazy? Salt Lake City Dog Trainers

How to get your dog to be calm - Salt Lake City Dog Trainers

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Salt Lake City Dog Trainers Are you struggling with a very hyper dog? We understand the stress. As Salt Lake City Dog Trainers, we want to help you have more peace at home with your dog. There are many tools that you can use to help your dog become calmer and more peaceful. 1.) Training is very important. It doesn’t have to be intricate. A basic obedience class can nip many things in the butt. Many owners notice that once begin training, their dog’s overall demeanor calms down. Salt Lake City Dog Trainers have many options for training. We highly recommend that the class is reward-based. Punishment of course will increase your dog’s arousal level because fear is the common motivator. Teaching your dog NILF (nothing […]

Are You Struggling with Nail Trimming? – Positive Dog Training Salt Lake City

Pug - Positive Dog Training - Salt Lake City

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Positive Dog Training – Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas Do you have a dog that hates having his nails trimmed, and does this give you a headache? We understand and want to help you create peaceful nail trimming now. Recently, I went to a Pat Miller seminar, and she talked about an awesome and easy way to get your dog’s nails trimmed. It is so positive. Dog training (Salt Lake City) is minimal because you are actually teaching your dog to trim his own nails. Here are the supplies that you need: A board that is about 2 feet long and a bit wider than you dog. Slip-proof tape that covers stairs. You can get this at a hardware store. Cover the board with […]

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