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Appropriate Greetings with On Leash Dogs

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Many people allow their dogs to approach other on leash dogs to meet and greet.  If this is done inappropriately then a fight can arise.  If it is done appropriately then awesome results are created.

A simple example of a fight:  I was at Strut Your Mutt today and two dogs said “hello” on leash.  In a matter of one second the leashes got tangled and became very short.  The two dogs ended up fighting.

Follow these tips to create more easful greetings:

Have your dog sit before saying “hi” to another dog.  As a result, he will learn that sitting creates what he wants rather than pulling on the leash.  Use a treat to lure your dog into a sit if needed.

Then command your dog to say “hi.”

Keep the leashes loose.  Tense leashes result in tense dogs.

Walk in a circle with your dog and the other dog’s owner should also walk in a circle.  This is done if the greeting lasts more than a few seconds.  With the owners walking on the outside of the circle and dogs on the inside of the circle it is easy for the dogs to interact without the leashes tangeling.

When you are ready to end the greeting use the “target” command.  If the dogs do not guard treats you can lure the dogs away with a treat.  Show your dog the treat and guide him away by allowing him to follow the treat and end the greeting 🙂

Best Training Wishes!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Trainer for Four Legged Scholars LLC

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