Thriving Journal (Day 4)

Well I noticed on the weekend formulating all of my new habits didn’t happen.  I recommitted to just having fun 🙂  I am noticing as I formulate a new picture of thriving I may be revising my schedule from time to time until I find the one that really fits me 🙂

I am wanting to write about what thriving looks in a relationship.  I am noticing that in the past I have had a story that “I cannot have it all”.  “I can only do one thing at a time.” Etc.  For me this means if my business is successful, I have less time with my dog.  I have changed that story 🙂  I also have that story if my business is successful I don’t have enough time to clean or upkeep my apartment.  I am working on changing that belief and it is changing one step at a time.  My favorite and so untrue story is that if I have a successful business, I do not have time to date or to be in a relationship 🙂  Lol.  Well of course if I truly believe that I will create that 🙂  Today I want to write about what my life looks like when I have it all and particularly what an ideal relationship looks like to me.

What I feel the most is ease and flow.  I am friends with time and time is easy to me.  I always have enough time to do the things I want to do and accomplish.  It is easy for me to keep my apartment clean and organized 🙂  I have a full blow busy business and it is easy.  I have structure in my business and ease and flow.  I am in a state of being.  I also see that I have plenty of time to be with my dog.  Trick training is a blast for us.  Walks, hikes, flyball and running together are wonderful too.  I love him sooo much 🙂  I also have plenty of time to be in a wonderful and committed relationship.  I have finally realized that I have it all.  I deserve it all and I can have it all 🙂

My relationship is amazing.  I am committed to a wonderful man that is fully conscious and accountable.  He loves himself very much and is so into self-growth.  He takes care of his health, exercises, creates $ easily, and loves his dog so very much 🙂  He trains his dog with positive reinforcement and has a wonderful bond with him.  His living space is clean and organized and his highest priority in his life is loving and being with himself.  As he loves himself so much he has plenty of love to share with me because his cup is full for himself.

He wants to learn and grow with me.  He is inspired to be conscious and is totally into reading Conscious Loving with me, and he totally resonates with this book.  He loves studying NLP with me and we have  wonderful time practicing together.  Sometimes he is the guide and I am the explorer and vice versa.  It is an absolutely wonderful time.  I love how he so openly expresses how he feels and he welcomes my expression as well.  The responsibility and accountability we both have for our feelings is amazing.  The sourcing aspect is natural to the both of us!

We love cooking together and going out to eat at many restaurants where I can eat wonderful vegan food.  I feel so loved by him and I fully love myself as well.  Hikes and walks are a regular occurence for us and we take our dogs together.  I also love skiing and running with him.  It is wonderful to be active with him and to exercise together 🙂

Meditation with him is also amazing.  Sometimes we sit with just the two of us. Other times we meditate with our dogs.  Even still sometimes times we meditate in group settings such as Shaking Energy, Kirtan, Yoga Classes, etc.  He loves Shaking Energy so much which is wonderful since I feel this is a huge part of my life.  He is very very spiritual and loves his connectedness to the universe, to God, and to the Divine.  Wonderful!!  We go to church together on a regular basis at the Center of Spiritual Living and it is wonderful.  I so love our relationship.

I love how I take care of myself in the relationship as well.  I put myself first and foremost before anything.  I allow my body to get plenty of sleep.  I keep up with my goals and when I don’t I easily recommit.  I have an easy time balancing my life between my business, my dog, my relationship, my friends and my family.  I love my life so very very much!!  I love my relationship so very much as well, and I am totally in love with this man!

I hope you have found this helpful when you think of a current relationship or a future relationship that you would like to have in your life!

Happy Thriving!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars

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