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Thriving Journal (Day 5)

Okay so my life is getting more wonderful by the minute.  Journaling has been working amazing for me.  I hope you are learning from this and journaling yourself.  Remember to write in a present tense as if what you want is already happening.  This creates clear communication to the universe.  Also when you write, your brain processes the information and forms new neural pathways.  The more senses you use: kinethetic (usually occurs in writing for me), auditory, visual, taste and smell the faster you manifest.  The more senses you involve the more your brain processes this new idea.

Part of thriving to me is having good health.  As I see my body my sinuses are clear and open.  It is wonderful to have healthy sinus cavities.  My nose, throat, and lungs feel clear and great 🙂  I love my body so much.  I totally put my body first before everything.  When I notice that my body wants to rest or integrate I take the time to do so.  Listening to my body is so very very important to me.  YEA!

I eat extremely healthy.  Sugar is something that is rare to me and I eat very infrequently.  As a result, my immune system grows stronger and stronger every single minute.  Yea!  I love eating mostly vegan and raw foods 🙂  I am preparing raw foods easily and effortlessly using Linda Gregerson Raw Recipe Box.  It is simple and easy for me to eat raw food!  WOW!  I do eat some meat and it is not my main dish.

I have plenty of energy and I am totally vibrant.  Feeling bliss and happiness is of utmost importance to me.  Along with this I fully feel all emotions that my body wants to feel and allow them to pass through me 🙂  As a result, I am totally more open to feel joy and bliss.

My muscles feel great!  My whole body is constantly relaxed.  Every single muscle in my body is fluid and relaxed.  I love how easily and freely I can move my body.  I am extremely flexible.

I exercise and it is easy for me to do so.  I do yoga every week and I am running 3-4 times a week very very easily!  I love how much I put exercise first in my life.

Everyday I feel more healthy.  Sickness is just alien to me.  My body wants to be healthy and so does my brain.  My DNA is reformulating every second to more and more health.  It is wonderful to feel my constant vibrant and healthy body 🙂

I hope you take some time in your day and visualize and journal what a healthy body looks like to you!

Happy Thriving!
Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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