I love my life and I have a choice to live my dream and create my life to be what I really want.  So what does my ideal life look like? I feel so much has changed since my move into my new and wonderful house.  I love it here so much.  It is vibrant, loving and open.

So far I realize that I love flyball, hiking, dog training, running, meditation, learning and growing, and yoga.  Oh yes yoga!  YUM!!!

Exercise is so important to me!  I run at least twice a week!  Yea!  Yoga is 2-3 times a week and I allow myself to be in a place of loving and allowing…wonderful.  Hiking happens at least once a week at Millcreek canyon or elsewhere and may occur in the middle of the week to break up my wonderful work week.  I love going hiking for focus time.  I regain clarity and connect with nature.  What a wonderful life!  WOW!

I love my boyfriend and we are active together as we walk our dogs, hike, camp, and run together.  We take many vacations together especially in the mountains. Backpacking is fun and is a definite yes for me.  Of course wall climbing as well! Meditation together and learning and growing constantly especially with the Hendricks. I so love training our dogs together as well.  Wonderful to be together and share spirit, presence, love and allowing!  YUM!!

My work weeks are fun!  Mondays are a day to do office work.  I am creating it to be fun and I am allowing myself to have the option to delegate this to a wonderful person at the University who needs credit to graduate.  I am also open to paying someone as more money pours in.  I am open to any options to manifest great office support! Office day is fun to break up with yoga, running, hiking, and / or meditating.

Tuesday is client day.  I will take clients until 6:00 PM.  I am present and in a place of allowing for my clients as I fill them with love and light.  I am totally focused on being a team.  I attract abundant, committed, and loving clients. Clients that really want to create results in a fun and loving way!  YEA!!  If I have time this is a day I am also studying Selling By Giving with Dan Schmidt…yahoo!!  Other open time is a time to network and focus time.

Wednesday is time for clients again. I am taking clients in the evening from 5-9 PM. If I don’t have clients it is my time.  It is a day I can sleep in if I wish as well….yea!!  I am cleaning and keeping my entire living space up to abundant status.  It is a day I can also go shopping for food if I desire.

Thursday is a day of my time in the AM and a day of clients from 1-9PM.  Fun fun days!!  It is a day that I can sleep in if I wish.  Sleeping in feels good if needed.  I am in a place of love with clients and love.  I choose to breath and to be friends with time especially on Thursdays!  Thursday is also a great day to go to the bank..yea!

Fridays is a day of focus time.  FUN!  In the AM I am meeting with Dan Schmidt and we study Selling By Giving. Bank time is today if I didn’t go on Thursday.  In the afternoon I mastermind with Karie Gibbons once a month for about 2 hours.  The other Fridays I use as networking and other focus time.  I choose to really truly love myself on my focus days and allow myself to be in a place of openness.  At times focus time may be going into the mountains and meditating or reading for business education.

Saturdays are great days!  I have my group puppy and adult obedience classes.  I am present, focused, authentic and loving.  My clients and I have a fun and playful time full of learning and bonding with our doggies!  YEA!!  I also have my free obedience classes two Saturdays of the month in the afternoon.  I love them and they are so much fun!  So many people love and show up for this program.  People love it as it gives them a taste of what I can  offer!  WOW!!  I also have a community walk at City Creek Canyon once a month on Saturdays.  FUN!  I love that too.  It is fun to meet with everyone and connect with old clients and with new clients..wow!  At times I go to flyball tournaments on Saturdays and I have an assistant that easily teaches for me when I am gone.  The assistant loves to teach.  She is great with positive reinforcement, allowing, love and communicating with people.  The class is always quiet and loving when she teaches! The rest of the day is my day to have fun and do what I want to do for fun!  YEA!!

Sundays are a day of fun!  I have flyball and enjoy that very much with my doggie ..yea!  Sometimes I am also at flyball tournaments and enjoy that as well.  The rest of the day is a day of fun to do what I want to do to play!  YEA!

When I vacation I can easily leave on Saturdays and return on Monday or Tuesday.  I also have the possibility of allowing my excellent assistant to teach for me on Saturdays.  Then I can leave on Friday and come back on Sunday or Monday.  My boyfriend and I vacation much and often together!  WOW!

I also choosing to allow my friends to do the activities that I love in my life yoga, running, talking, dancing, laughing, Kirtan, socializing, cooking, being, Life Skills, NLP, and other growing techniques.  My boyfriend and I continue to do the above activities as well.  We are very active with each other and choose to create time where we can share exercise with just the two of us.  I enjoy going to LIfe Skills with him and we continue to feed off of each other to learn and grow.

I am choosing to continually feel my love and support in my life.  My business is supported easily and effortlessly.  My business is fun and joyful.  Work is fun and easy and I so love it!  I have so many people who send me clients and I am grateful for my continual support with Four Legged Scholars.  I love that target marketing works and is bringing me clients easily all of the time. I am choosing to love myself all the time and I am commit to move through any blocks around money and my business.  I am choosing to allow manifesting new and continual clients to be easy, fun and effortless.

I am co-creating with Best Friends and Utah Animal Adoption Center in an easy and fun way.  We listen to each other.  We allow each of us to be in tune with our “yes’s” and support each other in a friendly and fun way.  We constantly send love to each other and we constantly allow ourselves to love ourselves.  It is easy to co-create with both of them.  Our visions are in alignment easily.

I love my life, my friends, my boyfriend, my dog, my family and my business.

Thanks for your support God and Spirit!!

Johanna Teresi with Four Legged Scholars

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