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Remember a Dog is a Dog

Wow how many of us project our human behaviors on our dogs?  All of us do.  I do at times too 🙂  Remember a dog is dog and is not human.  What do I mean by this?

What dogs do:

Jump on People


Lick our Faces


Get excited to see us frequently and to go on walks

Need plenty of exercise

May play hard and rough

Eat Poop

Get in the Garbage

Love to Pull on the Leash

These are just a few examples.  My point is to be aware that our dogs are doggies 🙂  No matter how much training you do your dog will still do dog things.  It is healthy to allow your dogs to do some doggie things and realize that they are not going to act like humans 🙂  Kids are kids as dogs are dogs 🙂
Happy Training

Johanna Teresi, Professional Owner and Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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