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What do you Really Want?

It is important that we address this question “What do I really want?” time and time again in our lives.  I find as things change in my life my wants shifts.   I am sure you will find that to be true as well.  There are times when I am busier with my clients and the way I spend with my dog may shift and change.  At times I spend a little less amount of time with him than I actually want.  Time to re-evaluate.

I invite you to this with your relationship with your dog and with your everyday life.  There are weeks where you might want to dedicate hours in obedience training and weeks that may be less.  Be clear with yourself and be open to shifts.  There are times when you may want to train “come” with your dog and times when “stay” maybe more important to you in training.

Exercise is important to be clear with.  Know what you want to create with your dog.  It is fun to exercise in ways that already match your desired wants (running, biking, etc.).  This too may shift as you get busier or if you injure yourself.  Also if you want a calm dog then exercise may be a high priority.  Remember there are ways to delegate.

There are no obstacles and there are no barriers.  It is all about being clear AND being open to change 🙂

Some ways to get clear of your wants:


Talking to another person


Check in with your body and notice if the idea feels good.  If it does then it is a “yes.”

Feeling your emotions to clear blocks

Have fun with this and experiment.  Remember there is no “wrong” and no such thing as failure. When you are clear with what you want then life flows more easily!

Best Wishes and Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi with Four Legged Scholars LLC

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