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Control Verses Team Work

When I first switched to positive reinforcement dog training (reward-based dog training), I still was in a mode of control.  I was in a mode of what I say goes.  When I told my dog to do something I created a thought in my mind that my dog must follow through and I would do everything in a humane way to create follow through.  While follow through is important control is not.

When I was in a mode of control I was on the drama triangle with my dog and generating energy mainly from an emotion of anger or fear despite that I was using humane training methods.  For some of you this may be confusing.  The easiest way to tell if you are coming from a place of control is to pay attention to your body.  When you are training your dog from a place of team work, your body will feel relaxed loose and at ease.  Your tonality will also be happy and relaxed rather than stern and frustrated.

When team work is created your energy is different and your dog will actually respond to you more reliably.  You will also have much more fun training your dog.

When my dog barks in my house I can yell at him to come to me or I can ask him politely to come to me.  This a huge difference.  If you forget think of how you would like to be talked to.

I hope this sheds some light on creating a stronger and more peaceful relationship with your dog!!

Best Training Wishes!
Johanna Teresi with Four Legged Scholars LLC

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