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Stories Are They Really True?

Remember 100% of our reality is created through our thoughts (beliefs) and our emotions.  It is no different with your dog.  What stories are you still holding onto?  How are they effecting your lives beyond your dogs?

I talked to a client today and she stated that she wanted to work more with me because she felt it would change her relationship with her husband.  Now that is what I am talking about!  Some deep deep stuff!!  WOW!

When we choose to create our reality it shows up not only in our relationships with our dogs but also in our relationships in everyday life.

I see visions of my clients having trouble getting their dogs to listen to a command and believing that their dog is stubborn, not paying attention, won’t listen, etc.  These are all stories.  We can recommit to something different.  When we choose to do this our energy, thoughts, and actions are different.  Our dogs choose to feel and acknowledge this.  Are you listening to what your dog is telling you about your stories?

If not no worries there is always now. I hope you choose to open your eyes and see what your best friend is wanting you so dearly to understand.

Much Much Love!

Johanna Teresi with Four Legged Scholars LLC

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