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The Abundance Experiment

Hmm well here I go again.  I love sharing lately exactly what I am learning and applying.  The juicy stuff for you!!  The authentic and real me 🙂  I want you to be inspired by what I am learning so I share 🙂  Where do I begin on this topic? I will start by saying when we are in lack or scarcity it affects our dogs.  When we are in abundance, love and gratitude this affects are dogs too 🙂  They truly feel our energy 🙂

Yesterday, I was hiking at Neff’s Canyon with my dog, Seiki.  At the beginning of the walk I was scared.  I felt scarce in abundance.  What does this mean?  This means I lost the inner God / Spirit within me.  Scarcity is when we loose the truth or the essence within us.  It isn’t bad or wrong.  It just is.  We are human and we will fluctuate from time to time from scarcity to abundance and back to scarcity and then back to abundance again 🙂  Later on in the hike I was in complete abundance and bliss.  How did I shift?  I am currently working with business coach Scott Molluso and I am held accountable to read the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price.  I decided what a better place to read then in the mountains!

I found a nice place to read.  As I read the book, my energy shifted. I will share a quote with you that is inspiring from this book: “The Inner Presence the You of you-is truly the money maker.  Your thinking, reasoning mind is not.  Your only Source is the God Presence within you.” So why I am telling you this?  What does this have to do with dog training?  EVERYTHING!  There was an interesting shift in Seiki and I.  If you read last weeks tip you will recall that I wrote that my dog’s check-ins on hikes (running toward me occasionally to check-in with me without a command) were less than frequent last week.  Well on this hike it was different Seiki was checking in so much!!  When he was out of sight I was rarely in fear of where he was, if he was safe ,etc.  I was in bliss.  I was connecting with his soul.  I knew where he was at all times even though he was out of sight.  He was connected to me.  This is what I mean about staying connected with your dog even when you are with another person such as a visitor (see last weeks tip).

When you are in lack your emotions may be one or more of the following: frustration, fear, sadness, etc.  There is a feeling of lack of control.  Your dog then feels this energy and doesn’t respond as well.  When you are in abundance your dog reflects this.  Your connection is strong.  His response to you is strong 🙂

Surprisingly tonight I went to yoga (Shakti Yoga) and what was the topic about?  Lack and abundance.  Another reminder for me.  If this is coming up for me so much I am imagining it is something that I need to share.

Learning to find the God / Spirit within you when you are training your dog is profound.  I promise you will not only feel a difference, you will see the difference as well!

Blessings and Much Love!
Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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