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Connecting and Looping Out

I had an amazing experience the other day and I definitely felt fear.  I was hiking with my friend and we were talking.  I was rewarding Seiki for his check-ins.  They weren’t as frequent as I would have liked.  He found something and got pretty distracted and wouldn’t come when I called him.  I realized an important dog training tip in that moment.  Connect with your dog frequently.  How many times do we as parents pay attention to our guests when they are visiting and our dogs get attention but our guests get more of the attention?

Anyways I was giving my dog quite a lot of attention for check-ins.  However, I wasn’t outer looping or connecting with him as much as I do when we hike alone.  It reminded me of the energetic difference.  Of course the attention will be different when someone else is present, and remember if you are training your dog when someone else is around notice how your attention is affecting your dog.  Are you giving enough?  Are you giving too little?

This tip is short this week and is something that I was inspired to write about and I hope it gets your gears turning!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars

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