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Being in the Training Moment

I have been wondering more about my thoughts and how they are not really true.  Thoughts can uplift me and they can create sadness, fear, anger, etc.  Learning to be aware of our thoughts and how they create our reality is profound.  One thought that I am releasing BIG time lately is “People are against me.”  This thought use to be so true for me so many people were not supportive of me and of course I created this with my thinking.  I am releasing this and opening up to “People are supportive of me.”  As I shift into this new belief many emotions of mine are being felt mainly fear and sadness.  I am fully feeling and allowing.  As a result, support is flowing to me from all directions.  I love it! So one way of being in the training moment is by being aware of our mind and choosing what is best to believe to create what we want at this time.  I will let you relate this to a specific dog training instance for you.

Another share that happened this week was yesterday.  I was at a park and Seiki, my dog, went into a marsh.  I began to throw kibble into the water. I was above him on a bridge.  He really wasn’t aware that it was kibble.  However, I wasn’t attached to anything. I was just in the moment. I kept throwing kibble in the water.  I didn’t care if he ate it or not.  Well then he began to realize that it was food and began to walk through the water to eat it.  It was so cute when he realized he could eat in the water.  I was tossing it everywhere and he kept following them and eating them.

The fun part came when some floated into a deeper part of the marsh and he had to swim a bit to get it.  Seiki hasn’t been a lover of water so he felt a bit scared.  Once again I had no intention to persuade him to swim.  It just turned out that it was deeper there.  Because I was enjoying the creation I decided to set an intention to allow Seiki to gain more confidence swimming.  I was still not attached to the outcome and excited to see the results.  I gradually threw the kibble closer and closer to the deeper spot.  Seiki would follow the kibble, then break and eat some of the kibble on the outskirts as it was floating around in some shallow spots.  Then we would repeat this process.  When he began to gain some wonderment about going into the deeper part I began to add the clicker.  Wow what a difference.  His fear seemed to dissapait.  His love for the sound of the clicker anchored through his body.  He was swimming for quite a few seconds with me clicking and treating 🙂  What a wonderful moment!  Another way to be in the dog training moment is by flowing with what is naturally occuring rather than forcing something different.  When you do this you can build onto the moment and create new things!  Great training shifts happen between me and my dog when I create this!!  Wonderfully and deliciously fun!

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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