The Importance of Adoption

June 15, 2015

As a Salt Lake City dog trainer, I believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to getting your dog from a breeder. However, our Salt Lake City dog training company strongly advocates adoption.

5-8 million dogs are taken to shelters!   60% of these poor dogs are euthanized and only about 20-35% of them end up in homes.  When I looked at these statistics, especially as a Salt Lake City dog trainer, I feel much sadness in my body.  For more information about these statistics look at the following: Statistic Brain Research Institute, ASPCA, and Humane Society for Shelter Pets

Below is a wonderful list for the benefits of adoption.

1.) The greatest reason to adopt is that you are saving a dog’s life and are inspiring others to adopt.

2.) The money supports the rescue or shelter you are receiving your dog from.  As a result, they are able to save even more dogs.

3.) Many times your dog is fixed (spayed and neutered) and vaccinated by the shelter or rescue before you adopt the dog.  If this is not the case, they will usually support you to get the above done for free.

4.) You have a trial period.  Therefore, if the dog isn’t a match for you, you can tell the rescue / shelter and they will take the dog back.

5.)  If you receive your dog from a rescue there is a chance that your dog has already started dog training.  Salt Lake City has many rescue groups that collaborate with professional dog trainers. Many foster moms begin to train the dogs and socialize them before their adoption!

6.) Rescue groups want successful adoptions.  Many of them screen the potential owners thoroughly to make sure that the dog and the potential owner are a match.  Also these groups love successful adoptions.  They are usually willing to figure to discover obedience and behavioral solutions.

7.) The cost of adoption is extremely low.

8.) You definitely will not be supporting puppy mills or pet stores.  Puppy mills do not socialize or humanely care for the animals.  As a result these puppies usually have a large variety of behavioral and health issues.

All of my dogs are adopted. If it feels good to you, I would suggest that the next time you want a dog, consider adoption. Our Salt Lake City dog training company is a huge advocate for Utah Animal Adoption CenterUtah Friends of Bassett Hounds, and Greyhound Pets of AmericaPet Finder is a great website to find a dog to adopt!

Your Turn!

We want to read a comment for you!  Have you adopted your dog?  What is your viewpoint on adoption?  Will you adopt in the future?

Happy Training!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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  1. wren

    I’ve adopted three border collies, each considered “less adoptable” for different reasons. They have all been the most wonderful and loving dogs. In my life, I’ve adopted seven dogs total. It really seems to me that the dogs appreciate their forever home more than most and try very hard to be good family members.

    Working with a rescue group can be great because the foster parents can give you information about the dog’s personality, which helps assure a good match.

    I will always adopt and try to share the good word about adoption so that others whenever possible.

    • fourleggedscholars

      I love this wren!! Thank you for inspiring others! I have never bought a dog from a breeder and probably never will! I love adopting so much and the rewards are so high! Thank you for adopting 7 dogs! That is amazing! I am sure that you are right in regards that they appreciate you so very much! What a gift you have given to so many dogs! Thank you!

  2. Horling Wong

    I think adoption is a great way – a win-win situation!

    • fourleggedscholars

      I totally agree! There are so many animals that are euthanized. I realize some people are a better match for breeders and at the same time if more people would adopt so many dog’s lives would be saved. I am hoping in time more people will consider the positive aspects of adoption!! Namaste!

  3. kathiegregory

    Hi Johanna, we have had both, from a breeder and from an adoption centre. I think there is a worry that you don’t know what you are getting with a rescue, and that there could be problems you won’t know about. But, you can still end up with problems if you start with a puppy from a breeder – we would all be out of work if that wasn’t true!
    Also, there are so many things rescue dogs already know and you don’t have to teach. Puppies are lovely, but you do need time, energy and consistency to teach them to grow up into well balanced dogs. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and choosing a dog at the right stage of his life to fit with yours is a good start, rather than focusing on rescue or breeder.

    • fourleggedscholars

      Hi Kathie, Thank you for your perspective!!! I am hearing you are looking at it from the perspective of making sure that the dog is the best match for the owner! Got it!!! I understand that buying a dog from a breeder works for many people and that is okay 🙂 For me adoption is the way to go! I love adopting dogs so much! Thank you for choosing both! Namaste!