Viewing a Professional Dog Trainer as an Investment Verses a Price Tag

The number one mistake I see as a Salt Lake City dog trainer, are dog owners that are focusing on the price they will pay to receive dog training.  It is much more important, in my opinion, to focus on the value that the dog owner and the dog will receive from hiring a particular dog trainer than the price tag.

Here are the disadvantages of focusing on price alone.

1.) You are disregarding the techniques that the Salt Lake City dog trainer is going to use on your dog.  Positive reinforcement is highly effective and will encourage a strong trust bond between you and your dog. Punishment based training may bring overt results, but your dog’s emotional psyche will be affected negatively.

2.) You are not considering the value or the results that you are receiving.  If you focus on just what you are paying then you maybe wasting your money especially if you didn’t even come close to reaching your obedience goals.

3.) If you are paying a low price to receive Salt Lake City dog training, this trainer may not be as invested as a trainer that has higher rates.  A trainer that has higher rates, has more money to educate himself by attending dog training seminars and further educating himself.  Also a trainer that charges higher rates has more time to invest in your personal case.  If a trainer has a low rates they are not going to be able to make a living and invest hours upon hours on your particular case.  This may limit the amount of research and personal time on the phone and e-mail that this trainer can invest in your case.

4.) When you are focused on price you may also be looking for fast results.  Training takes a large amount of time and commitment.  This means more money.  A small price may lead to very small results.

You and the Salt Lake City dog trainer you hire should focused on the value that you and your dog will receive rather than the price you are paying.

1.) Training is an investment. It is about reaching your training goals and investing into the training time that is needed to reach these obedience goals.  Training takes accountability and commitment.  A dog trainer will see themselves as helping you with this investment rather than focusing on price or discount rates.

2.) A good Salt Lake City dog trainer, will be asking you questions about the goals you are wanting to achieve.  He will be focusing on the pain that are you feeling right now.  Then he will the get clear on your goals and what success looks like for you!  If a trainer charges higher rates, he has the time and energy to invest into digging deep into your personal perspective.

3.) When you view training as an investment you are not as concerned with the number hours that it takes to reach your goals.  You are more concerned on the step by step process to reach the value and obedience you so strongly desire!

4.) The training techniques that the trainer uses is extremely important.  When focusing on price alone this isn’t even considered.  If a trainer uses punishment techniques this could take you farther from your obedience goals.  Punishment based training methods do increase the chance of creating fear or aggressive behavior.  Positive reinforcement training is the way to go!

5.) Also, as a dog owner you will be more invested into your results if you pay more money.  Our minds do value items and services that we have paid a higher amount of money toward.  If you pay for cheap training, you may not be as motivated to invest the time and energy that is needed to create the results that you want.

We hope this supports you in finding the best possible dog trainer to reach your obedience goals. There are many positive reinforcement dog trainers.  Salt Lake City and surrounding areas has a website for professional reward-based dog trainers. Our Salt Lake City dog training company highly focuses on the value and the results you will receive!

You Turn!

What issues and pain are you currently dealing with your dog? What are your training goals and what does success look for you? How much value would you receive in hiring a professional dog training to support you in reaching your goals?


Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC Dog Training, Salt Lake City

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  1. ling wong

    Very valid points to consider, and see it as a long term investment. thanks!

    • fourleggedscholars

      Awesome! You are welcome! One of my clients spelled it out clearly. She said “I have friends that have spent $300 on a new coach that their dog has chewed up. I would have rather saved that money and invested it into dog training instead.” The money and emotional pain that we save ourselves from by investing into dog training is huge! Of course that depends on the issues you are having with your dog. However, I find this to be true for most anyone that is actually wanting to hire a professional trainer 🙂

  2. Linda Ursin

    The issues I have with my dog is food obsession, that he stops listening when he doesn’t want to, or when another person is around, and the nagging he does sometimes. He’s gotten a lot calmer with age, but he’s still a handful. I’m thinking of starting him on agility, to get some energy out of him.

  3. fourleggedscholars

    I am hearing that your dog could use support in learning leave it and listening better when distractions are around 🙂 What are your training goals and what does success look for you? How much value would you receive in hiring a professional dog training to support you in reaching your goals?