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Are You Struggling with a New Baby and Your Dog? – Salt Lake City Dog Trainer

Johanna-Teresi -Kids and Dogs - Salt Lake City - Dog -Trainer

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Salt Lake City Dog Trainer

Are you struggling with raising your baby and dog together? You are not alone and we want it be easy for you.

Here are some tips to keep peace in your home with your baby and dog in Salt Lake City. Dog Trainer, Johanna Teresi had many issues with her baby and dog.

My dog didn’t like children and I wasn’t planning on having a child. So when I got pregnant my whole world changed. I wasn’t going to get rid of my dog because he was my son as my baby was my daughter.

1.) Keep things positive between your baby and your dog. It is a great idea to give your dog plenty of treats around your baby. That way your dog learns that your baby predicts wonderful things!

2.) Do tons of counter conditioning with baby noises. If possible do this before your baby is born. Play baby noises and give your dog treats the while the noises are playing. Your dog will learn that these noises predict treats. Salt Lake City dog trainers love to use counter conditioning because it is very positive. Any punishment techniques can actually encourage your dog to not like your baby.

3.) Learn about calming signals. Theses are the first signals that your dog is stressed. If you notice this body language around your baby make sure you give your dog some space or give him a break away from your baby.

4.) Always have a safe place that your dog can go away from your baby. He may want alone time sometimes You can use a room, crate or special bed away from your baby.

5.) Teach your dog to go his bed on command. When you notice that he is stressed around your baby have him go to his bed for a break.

If you are dealing with any serious issues please make sure you contact a Salt Lake City dog trainer. We are happy help you.

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Johanna Teresi, Salt Lake City Dog Trainer, Four Legged Scholars LLC

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