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From Fear to More Confidence – Success Story – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Johanna Teresi with Four Legged Scholars, Dog Training, Salt Lake City and Seiki

Four Legged Scholars LLC – Salt Lake City – Dog Training Michelle, a Salt Lake City dog training client, came to us with a very fearful border collie, Teddy. Teddy had nipped a few people and was not comfortable around new people especially in his home and on hikes. Michelle was feeling stressed that her dog might scare other people. So far there had been no serious bites, but the lunging and nipping was definitely a bit scary. Michelle really wanted to feel confident that Teddy could control his anxiety more and that she could feel at peace with him around other people. As a result, Michelle consulted with us and chose to do nine private sessions program over Skype. We met weekly online, and I demonstrated the commands that […]

The Top Dog Training Myths – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Red Heeler - Dog Training- Salt Lake City - How to train a fearful dog

Ultimately you are struggling at getting your dog to listen and you want your dog to listen to you. Through my many years of Salt Lake City dog training, I have learned some common myths that can block peace of mind between you and your dog. Learn about these myths so that your dog will reliably listen to you. 1.) My dog will become dependent on the clicker. Many of our clients resist using the clicker before they meet us because they think they will have to use it forever. A clicker is just a training tool when you are teaching your dog a new behavior. Once your dog is obedient you will no longer need to use the clicker. 2.) Reward-based dog training only works for certain dogs and […]

My Dog Hates Company and I am Super Stressed! – Dog Training – Salt Lake City

Group Obedience Class, Salt Lake City, Dog Training

Are you feeling that it is unsafe to have guests over at your home because your dog doesn’t like them? Does your dog hate it when you have company over? Do you feel lost on how to get your dog to calm down when people come to your home? We want to help you! You are also not alone in this. There are many people that have had similar issues and have had success through dog training. Salt Lake City is the home of many dog owners that have trained their dogs to be more comfortable with guests. The owners feel much more peace, happiness and safety in their homes. An easy method to use is counter conditioning. However, if your dog is extremely reactive this can be dangerous to […]

Do You Feel Stressed About Your Nervous / Scared Dog? – Salt Lake City – Dog Training

Indy is a Salt Lake City Dog Training Client

Are you feeling stressed because your dog is feeling nervous or scared? Does your dog shut down or stop moving, and you don’t know what to do about it? Are you sick of your dog getting scared about random everyday situations? We assure you that other people have been in your shoes. As a professional dog trainer, we can say the best solution is of course dog training. Salt Lake City has many dogs that have had fear issues and done training. Now their dogs are much less scared. We want to write some tips on how to deal with a fearful dog. 1.) Training your dog “target” is paramount and will help you be able to move your dog in small and safe increments. 2.) Be in the moment. Stop […]

Are You Feeling Stressed Because You Have to Drag Your Dog to the Vet? – Dog Training – Utah

Freshman Obedience Course - Dog Training, Salt Lake City

Are you feeling stressed, embarrassed or frustrated because you have to drag your dog to new places? Does your dog become a rug and not move when you take him to the vet or to a new place? Let’s stop this behavior and help you feel more peace and happiness. Imagine your dog walking easily with you when you take him to a new place. We assure you that we can help. We have done much dog training. Salt Lake City has many dogs that have felt just like your dog. We want you to realize you are not alone. If your dog isn’t easily following you when you are taking him to a new place, he is probably feeling fear. A fearful dog wants to know he is safe […]

The Dog Training Secret – Utah Dog Training

Johanna and Seiki performing Salt Lake City dog training

We want to tell you a huge secret! When you train your dog not only does your dog listen to you better but other problems that you had might just disappear.  Sometimes just giving your dog mental stimulation, eliminates problem behaviors that you have not addressed through dog training.  The reason for this is simple. Many dog breeds just want to use their minds. If they are bored then they are more likely to be aggressive, bark or destroy your house.  So keep it simple. If you have several of problems with your dog then just begin with some simple obedience dog training. Salt Lake City has many resources where you can learn about simple methods. As a result, you might be surprised to see some larger behavioral problems go away. […]

Dealing with a Fearful Dog

Recently, my group courses had numerous fearful dogs.  As a result I thought it would be helpful to write about fearful dog training. Salt Lake City has many people struggling with fearful dogs.  If you have a fearful dog you probably understand that times can be a bit challenging and stressful for you too.  There are many triggers that set your dog into a fearful spiral that can be hard to shift.  As a result, I am hoping these tips will support you in creating your dog and yourself to be more relaxed and calm.  With consistency and patience, you can create obedience with your fearful dog. 1.) If you are into clicker training consider using an i-Click.  The i-click is much softer in sound than a regular clicker.  You […]

From Failure to Successful Dog Training!

Liberty Park, Salt Lake City dog training with Johanna Teresi

Yes, in order to create the dog training success that you strongly desire failure will occur many times. The more intense the behavior issue the more intense the failures.  Our Salt Lake City Dog Training company acknowledges that failure is generally perceived as not fun and brings up much frustration.  We would like to welcome a new perspective in your life to create a more peaceful dog training experience.  What would it be like if you chose to welcome failure?  Thomas Edison failed thousands of times when he invented a light bulb.  Hopefully, in your case you will be receiving more support than Thomas Edison because you will not be inventing a whole new dog training technique but instead will be failing as you are implementing a dog training technique that […]

Help My Dog is Possessive with Objects!

Seiki, Dog Training, Salt Lake City star dog with Four Legged Scholars LLC

Having a dog that is possessive with objects is not abnormal.  In the dog training world we call this resource guarding.  Resource guarding means that your dog will react in an aggressive manner when a toy is attempted to be removed from his possession.  The behavior could be one of the following: freezing, staring, whale eye (looking at you out of the corner of his eye), growling, barking, snapping and / or biting.  Resource guarding  is normal because in the wild an animal will not survive if they do not fight for their food.  However, in the human world it can be dangerous to live with a dog that is resource guarding.  Currently, we are dealing with a few Salt Lake City dog training clients that are learning more about […]

Teaching Your Dog to Be Calm with Visitors at the Front Door

Seiki, Dog Training, Salt Lake City star dog with Four Legged Scholars LLC

Many of our Salt Lake City dog training clients want to train their dogs to be calm when visitors come to the front door.  This can be a challenging behavior to train.  My dog Seiki is awesome going to his place when people come to the door and yet there are still times that he still barks.  With the amount of training we have done why would he still bark and what do I need to do differently to create more success and obedience?  I have spelled out a new training plan that I am going to perform with Seiki.  I want this to inspire you so that you can create ultimate success with having your dog be calm at the door. First of all there are many stimuli that […]

Johanna Teresi performing dog training with Seiki.

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