Beyond Obedience: Part 1 “Being in the Moment”

“We only see what we believe is possible.” -Christopher Franke

Many of you know that I am now doing a course called “Beyond Obedience.”  This course lasts for 8 weeks and teaches basic dog obedience commands and teaches you how your thoughts, emotions, and energy affect your dog on a deep level.

What will you learn from this course and why would anyone want to spend money on a course like this?

1.) You will learn how to create a DEEP SOUL connection with your dog.  So deep that you will become ONE with your dog.

2.) You will learn how to easily shift from any emotion back to love quickly and effectively.

3.)  You will identify clear stories that are affecting your dog’s response and you will create new stories.  As a result, your dog will listen to you better.

4.)  You will create a HIGH LEVEL of teamwork between you and your dog.

5.) The techniques you learn in this class WILL generalize to other areas of you life.  If you are committed your relationships, career, and whole life will improve.  Learn how to create a vibrant and radiant life for you and for you dog now!

For the next few weeks Angie Kieffer will be sharing you many personal stories that she has shared with my dog, Seiki.  These stories are her experience of “Beyond Obedience.”  Angie is highly conscious and is learning to live “Beyond Obedience” on a day to day basis.

Read the next few weeks to learn how this course can affect your life now!  See if this course is a fit for you and if it is register now by contacting me at Info@FourLeggedScholars.com.

Below a true story of Angie and Seiki.  Read at a quiet time and fully feel Angie’s experience with Seik.

It was a sunny day, ice and slush were on the ground. Seiki, my little dog buddy walked me down the hill at Tanner Park. As we both walked through the mud and slush, the wind blew through our hair. I know I’m not a dog, but I sure saw my self as one on this day. I started to tune into everything. I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom of the hill so I could let Seiki loose to run. I wanted to watch him dash through the trees and frolic through the grass.

At the moment I reached the bottom of the hill, I let him off leash. He started to run and play, and he was continually checking-in with me. He wanted to make sure what he was doing was OK with me. As the wind was blowing, my senses opened to my surroundings. Passing the other dogs and owners, I noticed that both people and dogs were friendly and kind.

When we got to the body of water at Tanner, Seiki made motion that he wanted to get in the water. He looked at me and I said, “OK! Go ahead!” But he wasn’t going in. I noticed that the water was deep.  I thought to myself, “maybe he wants to find a shallower area…” At that exact moment, he darted off to another part of the water where it was shallower. It was as if he read my mind, or was talking to me. We were connected mentally. Maybe that is how we are supposed to be as dog owners and friends.

I’m not a dog psychic, but I knew what he wanted. He looked at me and was inviting me in. Not with a bark, not with a growl, but with his eyes and smile. He want me to play with him. I threw a stick, but he wasn’t appeased with that. He wanted me in the water! I let him know that it was too cold for me, but promised him that I would come and play with him when it was warmer.

When it was time to go and we got to the point where I had to put him back on his leash, Seiki ran off and and said “Just five more minutes!”.  Just like a kid would say to his / her parents! I didn’t want to leave either because it felt so good to be in nature.

When I took him home, I wanted to go back to this place of oneness with Seiki. It felt so good to be in nature with a well-trained dog.

We as people and pet owners need to tune in more to what is around us. We sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  We can get lost in all the electronics and drama.  As a result, we don’t pay attention to the amazing enjoyable earth! I invite you to slow down and pay attention to the wind and the trees.  Feel and enjoy the nature around you. Listen and pay attention to your dog, it will amaze you what he is telling you and how well he communicates with you.

Thank you Angie!  You are the best Pet Sitter I know!

Wow what a story!  Remember you can create this connection with your dog and taking the “Beyond Obedience Course” is one way to do this!

Angie Kieffer, a Professional Pet Sitter for Angie’s Pet World and Johanna Teresi is a Professional trainer of Four Legged Scholars

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