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Beyond Obedience Part 2: Seiki’s Story-Manifestation

My last Dog Skills class focused on this topic.  I thought I would write about manifestation for those of you that were unable to come.  This will also give more of a taste of my Beyond Obedience Course.  This course explores inner work as well as basic training with your dog.

I left Seiki at a friend’s house while I was away on a trip in Kanab.  My friend contacted me and told me that Seiki had run off.  I felt scared.  He was missing for 36 hours.  It was important for me to focus on what I wanted and to have good mind set.

How many times in our lives do we focus on what we do NOT want?  We focus on not wanting our dog to pull on the leash, that we have relationship problems, that work is stressful, etc.  It is so easy for people to do and it is time to realize that you have the power to create your reality and you can focus on what you want instead.

You can focus on wanting your dog to walk on a loose leash.  You can also focus on how to create work to be more fun and easy.  You can focus on how to create your relationship to be more loving.  It is a matter of choice.  When we focus on what we want our behavior changes.  Our mind actually thinks differently and solutions come to us more easily.   The universe feels this as well.  Somethings what we want show up without any effort.  This is called manifestation.

Manifestation involves the following:

  • Getting clear on what you want.  Creating a clear picture.
  • Dropping the attachment of the want.  You are focused on being in the moment and on love instead of desperation.
  • Carrying a vibration as if you have what you want now.  Feeling how you would feel if you have what you want NOW.

Think about what you can create with your dog and your entire life if you do this!

Here are somethings that I did during the search of my dog:

I posted a signs that said “Please give support in finding my dog, Seiki.”  This focused on what I wanted which was to find him instead of focusing on what I did not want.  Saying that he was “lost ” on signs is focusing on what I do not want.

I meditated and pictured us being reunited.  I felt his presence.  I felt connected with him now.

I asked others for positive support in finding Seiki.  Once again I focused on finding him instead of him being lost.

I shifted from focusing that he was dead, sick or injured to finding him.  I chose to carry positive thoughts and connect with my intuition that stated that he was alive and well.

I constantly recommitted to love.  I felt so much fear and sadness.  I was constantly reconnecting to love and being as grounded as I could.  Love is the answer.

I hope this helps see how you can create what you want. My “Beyond Obedience” Course teaches you this and much much more!!  Come and learn how to connect with your dog on a soul level!  Contact me if you are interested in this Course.

Have Wonderful Week!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Trainer and Owner of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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