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Beyond Obedience Part 3: Seiki’s Story-Creating New Beliefs and Stories

Last week I wrote about my Dog Skills on Manifestation.  This week I will share about my last Dog Skills class on “Creating New Beliefs and Stories.”  This tip will give you a great feel of what “Beyond Obedience” is all about.  My new 8 week Course.  You not only learn basic obedience but also learn how your energy affects your dog’s response to you.  You will learn how to be accountable for your reality.  As a result,  you will not only see shifts in the relationship with your dog but also in your entire life 🙂  There are only 4 dogs in a course 🙂

Seiki was left at my friend’s house and accidentally got locked into the garage for 36 hours.  I found out that he was missing in a text while I was riding home from Kanab.  My heart dropped.  I was soo scared.  My friend looked for him a bit and was not that motivated to find him.  As a result, I texted a ton of my friends to ask them for support in finding Seiki.  Support poured in.  Angie Kieffer (AngiesPetWorld.com), one of the best pet sitters that I know, was the first to show up at my friend’s house to help find Seiki.  The second person I got to talk to you was Christiane Turner, my NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach.  She called me and immediately wanted me to get clear what I was meant to learn from this.  It was difficult in that moment to focus on that and yet I realized quickly it was about trust.  It was about trusting myself.

I have had quite a few core stories in my life: People are against me.  I am all alone.  I also have had difficulty in trusting the decisions that I make.  I was made fun for years when I was kid and support especially at school wasn’t there for me.  I didn’t feel much love or acceptance.  These stories created a subconscious manifestation of my missing dog.  The incident was there for me to learn more how I can allow more trust and support in my life.

It was amazing how many times I got to dive deep into love and create a new story.  I began trusting my intuition and other’s intuition that Seiki was okay and was not in any danger.  As far as the support aspect, there were at least a hundred people looking for this dog and probably more.  My story that people are against me can now be thrown down the drain.   I got a HUGE chance to breath and allow support into my life.  I had to because I knew I couldn’t look for my dog all alone.  I knew he could be hours and hours away from my friend’s that I dropped him off.  I chose into the support.  I chose to embrace it and welcome it. What a beautiful experience for me to know that there is a huge community out there.

The interesting thing is that some of our stories may never go away.  Even though I had dived deep into these stories before and shifted them to a degree, it was time to shift them at an even deeper level.  It is nice to have something to compare to.  I can think about this time in my life and remember that support is all around me always.

I welcome you to become more aware of your stories and to choose different.  You have the power to recommit and change them to mold more of what you want in your life 🙂

Is this confusing to you?  Maybe or maybe not.  Definitely if it is confusing to you, “Beyond Obedience” could be a great course for you.  You will become more aware of your stories and you will learn important shifts that you will practice from week to week to help create a new reality in your life.  You have the power to create exactly what you want!

Blessings to All of You and Have a Magnificent Day!

Johanna Teresi, Owner and Professional Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC

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